Goal and Mission

Clarity Recycling is a company specialized in the treatment, management and recycling of WEEEs (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) founded with the mission of bettering off the collection statics of this type of waste in our geographical area of influences (Southern Spain), one of the worst in all European Union.

Spain, despite of being a major manufacturer, distributor and consumer of electronics is continuously underscoring in the EU statics of collection and treatment of this special waste which can be really dangerous and toxic for the environment when not treated properly. The worst scenario for any WEEE is ending up in landfills wherer all heavy metals commonly present in these materials can eventually reach our natural cycle of waters, plants and animals.

Clarity Recycling wants to collaborate in the process of collection and treatment of this type of waste in an efficient, sustainable and profiable manner for our customers. Spain, as a modern society part of EU, is morally compelled to better off our figures regarding WEEE treatment. We are here to help.

Clarity Recycling supports companies, goverments and institutions to comply with their obligations of Social and Environmental Responsability offering them a complete daily support in their WEEE and e-scrap management needs.

Certifed Security, Confidentiallity and Responsability

We certified our commitment of security, confidentiality and environmental responsability in the whole process of collection, management, treantment and final destruction from the very first moment.

We certified our services under our administrative authorizations AAU/GR/0029/11, GRU-1559 and AN-534 which enables us to safely treat all kind of WEEEs and their related harzdous wastes components.